[DoomCore] BooT-SectoR-ViruZ - Who Likes To Play? (MP3)

Started by BooT-SectoR-ViruZ, March 05, 2006, 10:52:28

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Squirrel Havoc

Downloading now...

Hmmm, not too bad, kinda short and to the point, very hardcore though. And I like the ambience of the tune, especially the spacey pads and vocal sample. Thumbs up!  8)

EDIT: This should be the ultimate compliment from me, but I'm putting it on my iPod, which is only a 2GB one, not one of those 80GB ones. And I have 20GB worth of music I wish I could fit on it. And about it being short, don't sweat it, a song doesn't have to be long to be good.
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This was definitely a song with ambiance like squirrel said.  I liked the contrast between the short jittery electronic blips about halfway through the song against the digital drums and the high treble going through most of the song.  Very cool.  True, a song doesn't have to be long to be good, but I could see this as either a major middle section or two bookends to a much longer song, almost like a Blade techno piece.  The voices were awesome too by the way.
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