Absynth 4+ MIDI controls

Started by GreenMottoOnegai, January 23, 2010, 13:49:43

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if any of you owns Absynth, he'd have noticed they didn't include the user/reference manual with it. and it's not available on NI website either.

i've figured pretty much it all, except midi controls & macro assignments. so if someone could share some input about it, it'd be more than welcome.



I don't have Absynth or have I ever tried it. But if it's for modplug you're asking I suppose it's the same way as you would do with other vsti's.

For macro:
For midi hardware:

And I also recommend the the great work of Harbinger for making a offline help manual for modplug tracker, even though it's currently a beta it's still very good.



thanks for your reply, but unfortunately, Absynth doesn't quite work like the usual VST. it has so many controls that they have implemented a macro-based system, in order to control multiple params at same time.