[ElectroHouse] Don't just stand there (mp3)

Started by maleek, February 16, 2006, 18:53:40

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I used to be a very active in the mod-community, on trax-in-space and similar outlets. Seems like I've used tracking as a creative form of expression for the last six years. After the release of MPTopen I've tried to get the beat right in the harder forms of house and electromusic. I just wanted to link this track which is something I've produced solely on MPT, to give something back, as I really enjoyed the sense of community on Modplug back in the days.

This is the first track of my new music. It surely lacks some in terms of post-production, but give it a try:

p.s I used to release tracks by the pseudonym Justblue, I remixed Falcon (TDR), Spoz (Subwoofer), Moder Jords Massiva (EMI), and released some of my own tracks on TIS.


nice one!
i liked the rythm, and the voices sound good but are a bit monotone


Squirrel Havoc

Quote from: "maleek"as I really enjoyed the sense of community on Modplug back in the days.

Hey, that's still around! We are all ususally friendly and helpful around here.

Anyway, downloading the song, took a while to find the link :)

Wow, futuristic! Reminds me of the music in the game Shadowrun, when you walk into a bar. Cool song, I like the attitude in it,
Anyone can do anything if they have nothing else to do
Most musicians are talented. I'm just determined.


Yes Squirrel. That is exactly what i liked. And I will probably try to get with the program and keep on with the modplug forum aswell :) Thanks for the kind comments! Shadowrun was and is a great game...

about the link,

if the language appears to be jibberish, click "Ladda ner "don't just stand there (short edit)" if you want to dl the track.


It appears that I have this track already from a download of february this year..


Good tech-house. Shorts synths are groovy. I like the strange piano chords. Good use of vocal sample (1:43). A blend that works. Greetings !


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