[orchestral] Bridgeport 1 (mp3)

Started by uncloned, February 22, 2010, 14:07:19

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I have been playing with this for about 2 weeks and seem to have come to an impasse.
This is a very quirky strange piece - it sounds childish and immature in a way.
Reminds me in a very abstract way of the sounds of my neighborhood recorded
on my dad's monaural tape recorder recorded and played back at full amplification.

Garritan Personal Orchestra in 22 edo

brass, woodwind, strings, percussion, choir

Year: 2010

brave new world

Artist's description:
Orchestral piece in 22 edo - minimalistic and seems best on headphones

Not done yet - but I can't move past at this point.
Part of a planned series examining my childhood aural memories.

Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood

kit beats

with coinsedince ive bin observin old movies lately like taksi, mean streets and other stuff. this is just that kinda movie music sound.

from the twist @ 0,19 sec.
and then @ 1:07, i think something is going on.

:o you suprised me.
"get the piece sounding pristine." - KrazyKats
..Like this one, definatly got the Sam Zen
individuality in it... - Asharin


Can't see the minimalistic aspect here.
A peculiar arrangement with a nice use of the instruments.


I consider it minimal because the instruments are practically solo and the lines are very simple.

I'm glad you like it!

Thanks both of you for the listen!!


Practically solo like in pieces of Philip Glass, where every instrument plays its own 'counter' line ?
In that case I see the aspect.


some Gershwinesque piece going experimentalistic. already pretty intense, and could be the first movement of a larger modern opera piece - some "pianissimo" movement next, maybe..


Sounds like an action packed murder scene on some abstract or old movie, people are shooting to each other on the road.
1:24, something bad is starting to happen :)
...out of further comments i guess. :D
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