Samples, VST, or maybe FL Studio? What is the best way?

Started by apo, December 25, 2009, 11:00:36

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I'm new in composing music. I was on this forum as 'apocalyptiq', but I forgot my password and I haven't access to my old e-mail, so I create new account :-)

I'm trying to compose some music in MPT, for now I'm experimenting with some VST instrument (StringZ2), but sometimes it loses good quality. Maybe samples are better than VST?

I heard also about FL Studio, it is good program to compose music?

How can I start learning to make modular music?


The quality of samples varies, and although I'm not sure, I think the quality of VST output may vary too. At any rate, it's not possible to say whether samples are better than VST or vice versa. I'm don't know what may be wrong with your VST. Maybe you have a configuration problem. What's causing you to think the quality is bad? What are the symptoms? Maybe the volume is too high and clipping occurs (clipping is when the volume in the software, not in the speakers, is so high that the sound can't be represented correctly anymore).

I don't use FL Studio, but I've seen the demo and it's good. Many people use it. You might want to try it and try MPT a little longer and see which one makes you more comfortable. It depends on how you composer. I prefer trackers, and I compose by manually entering the notes. Some people use a MIDI keyboard.

The best way to learn how to make modules (I suppose that's what you mean by "modular music") is making modules. Also, viewing modules made by others to find out the tricks they used.

What kind of music are you inclined to make? That may influence your choices too. If you're going to make a lot of electronic music, you should learn something about synths, too.
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Thanks for reply PPH!

I'm guitarist too, from some time I am trying to compose some song on guitar. So now I want to try compose something using other instruments too.

Kind of music... Rock and amiga games music :-)

And what I mean with bad quality - check out this mp3: , there are some screeches :/ This is StringZ II


I can vouch for FL studio. I have a friend ( who uses it excusivly. The open version of Modplug Tracker is very capable. Renoise is a commercial tracker which some use. Personally I use Open Modplug and Orion (

Louigi Verona

When choosing between OMPT and FL Studio, please note that OMPT will form your music in a different way than FL Studio. Basically, OMPT is best used for what is called "tracked music". While you can write anything with it, in my personal experience, OMPT in general has more limitations than a sequencer like FL Studio. I should also note that these limitations might give you more creative ideas.


And on top of that,  I feel that FL Studio has so many features and options that you easily loose track of what you're doing and where its located. I can make music in FL Studio but when I do that, it always ends up with a song that doesn't sound right EQ wise and once I try to fix that, I get hitting CPU usage errors (too much plugins used that my pc can't handle) while I don't get this with OpenMPT because the system isn't using that much resources with what I use normally.

But its really based on what kind of music you're making and how you want to make that. I also use EnergyXT a lot, next to OpenMPT, and its great for creating tracks where you want to write it instrument per instrument instead of section per section, although that also works very well.

A tracker gives you a lot of overview but its only focussing its view to a small section of your song. If that is no problem for you, and you want this kind of overview, a tracker is your best choice. Better than a sequencer or FL Studio (which basically is a sequencer)

If you aren't going to work in small chunks but rather want to first write down all the backings and record a melody over that, a tracker will not do it for you.
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Well, I make orchestral music with the tracker. So, it's really a matter of personal style and preference.

EDIT: What do you mean by "screeches". The only problem I heard was a part in which there seems to be a gap in the sound. Otherwise, the sound is normal. The "gap" may well be a problem with the VST.
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