[Electrosomething] Samtal (MP3, 256kbps) Strange song ...

Started by fisk0, February 13, 2006, 03:41:52

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OK, here's another of my songs (not that people seem to have been particulary interested in my earlier postings, but anyway).
I have no idea at all which genre it fits the best in, so if anyone got a clue (and if it really matters) - tell me.
I began making it in ModPlug Tracker on the 8th November 2005 and has tried to finish it since then (though I'm not very good at completing songs, and this is not an exception). I guess it's still not complete, but perhaps complete enough for others to hear it and give me some feedback about it.

It's an MP3 2:25 long and about 4,5MB in size and you can download it from here: http://medlem.spray.se/fisk0/music/jms-samtal-20051108-1.mp3
(and, as usual, in case hotlinking doesn't work - go to http://medlem.spray.se/fisk0/music/ and right click at jms-samtal-20051108-1.mp3 and download it from there).

I'm still rather new at tracking and have a long way to go yet, but I think this is one of my more interesting songs this far.


Don't care about genres, just make your own compo's.
I like this one. It's in a cycle of 6, which is, as a change, a pre anyway, and the timing of things is ok too.


I don't really have a clue about cycles or any of the words and terms used in professional music, but thanks for commenting on it.

I could add that the title, "samtal", means "conversations" (though I think the english word is a little more 'active' than the swedish word, which could mean just to listen to others conversations - which was more of what I had in mind when giving the song a title (I just got the picture of listening to people speaking to each other or to their cellphones/whatever in the subway or on the bus, with their voices overlapping each other and so on, my knowledge of english is too flawed to give it a more complete description).


Don't care about 'professional music' also. Often this is related to 'making music to make money with it' but it's not automatically the same as 'professional'. I.m.o. it has more to do with craftmanship. The way things are made.
And this cycle of 6 just means, that if you tap your hand with the song, you would have tapped 6 times before the next 'downbeat' of the song.


This was a unique find among most of the songs here (then again I've always been impressed by the unique sonds I've found at modplug).  As far as genre, it's a waltz, if only for the fact that it's in 3/4 time.  It was pretty dark though, which I liked.  It reminded me of a sort of vampire dance, to use an image.  Graceful yet macabre.  
It's funny to see a song with a title related to the the word "conversation" yet we're discounting "professional music".  In a musical community, that's the language of its members.  I hope I don't sound snobbish, just trying to say that some things are worth knowing in order to help others more accurately with their music.  And yeah "vampire dance" isn't very professional, but it's what I saw when I heard the song. :)
Comments are always welcome . . . let me rephrase that.  Constructive criticism is always welcome.