i love trance/dance music

Started by mr.guy, February 12, 2006, 21:31:17

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i loved trance for about 5 years already.

heres some song of music i love.

there by caesar.

Equinoxe Part 4 (Remix): link removed.
i mostly love this one,

Hey, Shoot!: link removed.

thankyou all,and by the way happy valentines day. :D  :P  :lol:


This forum is meant to promote your own music, not that of others.

Let me enlighten why.

If there seems to be an issue with this song (for instance copyright violation or anything) you would be held responsible for something you didn't do. Next, this forum is about music made by a hobbyist. Im not saying that the above songs are. I don't know as I haven't listened to them, but they are not permitted unless you made them.

Note, even if you made these songs, it doesn't follow the posting rules.
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