[Militaristic/dark/monotonal] Gathering Forces (IT) Short.

Started by fisk0, February 11, 2006, 16:42:58

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This is my first pure IT song for quite a while. This one is not using any VST or DX effects at all.

OK. This is not a very catchy or happy song, I'm quite aware that a lot of you won't like it at all. Anyway, this might not even be very good for it's genre, but here it is.

I composed it last night in OpenMPT, and it plays fine in XMPlay, which I guess is the player I recommend for this song (http://www.xmplay.com for those of you who don't already have it).

Anyway, the name of the song (as I couldn't think of anything else, naming my songs isn't really something I'm good at) is Gathering forces, it's 19 channels, 3 minutes long and can be looped, about 550KB in size and you can download it here:

In case hotlinking to the file doesn't work try http://medlem.spray.se/fisk0/music/ and download the file (jms-gf20060211.it) from there.

And please, feel free to say whatever you want about it.

And by the way, I recommend playing this with interpolation enabled, as the samples are 8bit and not very high quality.