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« on: October 05, 2009, 14:57:25 »
Full Version:
OpenMPT v1.17.3.02

Has the bug occured in previous versions? If yes, please specify version(s): Yes, at least since .53.

Description of the bug: When Cleaning up Plugins (from the Edit menu), the menus for Instrument plugin selection is not updated immediately when plugins are removed, altho if you select the slot of the removed plugin, it is immediately recognized that the slot is empty (the old plugin name still shows). The only way to reset the menu is to go to another page, then come back and check the menu.

How often does it happen?: Always.

How to reproduce (step by step description): In a track file with plugins, load a plugin and don't assign it anywhere. While in the General page, clean up plugins, which will unload any unassigned plugins in the track. When it's done, check the Plugin List -- the deleted plugin is gone.
Now do the same thing but after loading it, go to the Instrument page. Verify that your plugin is still there available to be assigned, but DON'T assign it. Clean up plugins again. After it's done open the Plugin List from the Instrument page -- it's still there. Select it. MPT will recognize the slot is empty, even though the plugin name still shows.

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« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2010, 22:22:41 »
Please confirm that this has been fixed in OpenMPT 1.18 release candidate. You can set the thread status to S=C yourself then.
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