Improved Pattern Attributes dialog

Started by Harbinger, October 01, 2009, 15:20:05

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Would like to see the Pattern Attributes expanded, so that you can:
1. Change more than the number of rows, such as a pattern's name and its ID.
2. Edit multiple patterns at once without having to open and close this window multiple times.
3. Set up an Order List with the given Patterns using the same functions but on a temporary basis until applied (too difficult to implement?)

With this dialog you can layout the song structure before you've entered a single note (which is helpful for composers like me who have written their songs down before putting it to track).

Here's a mockup of what i envision:


2. You can actually make another window of your song. If you select pattern there too, you basically can edit two patterns at the same time.

To do this: Make sure your song is highlighted.

Go to menu Window-> New window.

Another instance of your song is opened. Press the pattern tab, and use the orderlist to move it as desired.

Note how the other window still is unaffected by your changes, as in.. you can edit 2 windows at the same time without a problem.

You can even use the window menu to tile your 2 windows neatly.
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That doesn't make editing pattern properties a single bit easier, though.
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