The $35 2009 SoOn Compo

Started by uncloned, September 25, 2009, 05:55:05

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Hello, I made a tune for The 2009 SoOn Compo !

Check here :

:arrow: Direct link MP3 : The crazy Jazzbox of Funk

Tags : radio, beat box, chiptune, hip hop, funky, jazz, vocal

Topic about the tune on this forum :
The crazy Jazzbox of Funk

Length : 2:33 min
Style : Jazzy Hip-hop crazy !!!
File format: MP3
Bitrate : 192 kbps

Listen to this tune on YouTube

I hope you like this crazy tune composed last night !  :wink:

Ethno-Dub by me :
Woolyss Tracking | Woolyss Chipmusic



A fourth entry just came in:

From the Renoise forum by Eat Me called "Used All Of The $35"

Song Info:

Download MP3:

Play in browser:

I have used only samples from the remix pack. Cutted out sounds from the sound fx, added volume slides to piano, keys,
bass guitar, conga and that other drums. The beat is distorted low passed from the music, the piano clickclaks also.
The guitar solo is left intact, except for the loop at the end with fading in distortion. The field recording is in the
background. The track was made with a registered version of Renoise 2.1, using the internal effects and free VST effect

Louigi Verona

I take it one artist cannot enter twice? What if I enter under Ashwood? =)


Well, I didn't consider if someone wanted to enter twice.

Since there is money on the line it wouldn't be fair necessarily.

But I understand that people want to have fun and I am NOT policing this competition in any way shape or means. I'm not for instance demanding proof of sample use - and if you get your extended family to vote for you... well I guess good for you.

So my suggestion is that anyone who wants to enter more than once do so with an alias I am not aware of.

Louigi Verona

Got you.
Btw, I do not see any way of you transferring any money to me anyway - Russian segment of PayPal presently at least does not allow to receive money. That is, in case I do win something )))


well, even if you can't get the money - by winning you prevent someone else from getting it. and if from a 2nd account... not sure that's fair.


A fifth entry has been received - so the prize money is officially in play!!

Screaming Egg Notion said:

Heres my entry from the abyss...

Had a mad musical block lately... I think this got me going again tho...

And for people not on TiS I've posted it here as well.


So far, with these 5 entries, I find the content of the contributions of a common high level of quality.
Each in their own habitat.

So I will focus on more trivial things, like the envelope of the song, panorama, and efficient length.

And things like 2 Eat Me : It's not done to add an URL in a filename..
It just looks like 'over-promoting', while tagging can have this info.

Louigi Verona

Okie, I will not submit a second song. After all, if the prizes are in play, then indeed it would not be fair.


A sixth entry is in by Zan of trax in space called Breaking the Broken

It can found here at trax in space

Or here for download from SoOn

Zan used the Europe field recording and feedback leads in a minor samples.


A seventh entry is in:

Likuid has submitted I'll be there SoOn (3:37 minutes of memories)

I use these samples:
1.Ben  field recording from Europe
2. Chris feedback lead in A Minor
3. Alpha alpha Keys
Done in 2 hours... My new boy (6 days) and my older girl (18 months, hehe) didn't let me time to composing...

PS - congrats on the new baby boy!!


Nice tunes for this The 2009 SoOn Compo, isn't it ? Good quality !   :)
Woolyss Tracking | Woolyss Chipmusic



Jeez, I'll never finish my ALMOST finished track if someone will post his/hers music for the compo again! :shock:



Sometimes comparing the song to the others can kill the mood, you know :D But I'll finish it in time, even if the whole track has to be less than 2 minutes.