The $35 2009 SoOn Compo

Started by uncloned, September 25, 2009, 05:55:05

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thanks LV!

You should enter a tapeloops composition!!

Louigi Verona


Hey LV - look at this - someone is apparently doing real cassette tape loops.

they don't say what they are used for.

Imagine a concert with 20 portable cassette players that the performer physically turns on and off - the sound captured by microphones (or I guess headphones out from the deck would work).

it would be akin to

and this


Quote from: "uncloned"they don't say what they are used for.

They do if you click on tape loops


ahh... ok.

I was waiting for a snippet in the article.

Louigi Verona

This is all very interesting. I am actually getting an 8 track tape recorder from my friend soon. But for the contest I guess I'll use my Tape Loops )))


I helped! :> there are some neat samples!
No two people are not on fire...AWWW!

Web and Graphic Design just for you!
I r GhostMech on there, forever scouting.


Louigi Verona

I already made a draft version, using Linux Multimedia Studio :)


first entry!!!

From the renoise forum by jonas the plugexpert

almost finished my track


Finished it

Can be found here:

I used most of the percussion/fx samples and cut up the resonating sample. and layered them in

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Louigi Verona

I sent my entry to the 2009 soonlabel email.

Don't judge it too harshly, it is my first complete track made in Linux!


Hi LV - I think your entry is fantastic!

I received your email this morning and responded. Not sure if you received it. I did have some questions.

1 you want me to host it? No problem there.

2. What SoOn samples did you use?  My guess is the percussion, keyboard progression, and field recording from europe.

And thanks so much for the entry. I'll post a link in all of the forums as soon as I get home from the Russian deli here. :-)


Louigi Verona has submitted the 2nd entry to the $25 2009 SoOn Compo

It is called Somewhere in 3009

And this entry used the percussion, keyboard progression, and field recording from Europe samples.

Louigi Verona

Yay! I am very happy you liked it!

Yep, I used those samples )

Hope more entries come in.


A third entry is in, and again it is from the Modplug forum - and is also fantastic! I love the harmony vocals!

Hello, I made a tune for The 2009 SoOn Compo !

Tags : radio, beat box, chiptune, hip hop, funky, jazz

Song name : The crazy Jazzbox of Funk
Length : 2:33 min
Genre: Jazzy hip-hop crazy !!!
File format: MP3
Bitrate : 192 kbps

SoOn samples used :
From x.mp3 : 28 secondes used
From Bongos.mp3 : 1 seconde
From Contest-in-a-minor : 48 secondes
From Sound_Effects.mp3 : shaker, cymbal, chimes, guiro
From Nonsense.mp3 : 1 seconde
From A_2Sample.mp3 : 1 seconde