Improved External MIDI control

Started by maleek, July 29, 2009, 21:05:58

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Hi team and fellow modplugians,

Currently there are two ways of controlling OMPT VST:s and VSTI:s trough external hardware. Although none seems to work with my piece of equipment at the moment being (sob), I applaud you for implementing even better midi support. My non existent hat(s) is off to you guys.

One thing I would like to see in future versions of OMPT - is for external hardware to be able to write Xxx midi macro while controlling the plugin in question too. Doing both things at once so to say. Kind of creating a YHWYG (You hear what you Get) enviroment as feautured in high grade sequencers. ;)

I think you understand what I am talking about. I have no idea how hard it would be to implement at all, as it is now it is just a humble suggestion from a long time user. :)

- - - -

PS. About it not working with my hardware, I might just as well add that my USB hardware does show up in the OMPT MIDI dialouge, but it simply does not work. Not directly nor with Xlutop Chainer as far as I can tell. I don't quite have the energy to write a full on Bug tread right now, so I thought I should mention it here as well. DS.


I agree completely. If MPT should ever get full control over external MIDI hardware, we would have the use of sample manipulation with all those nifty FX commands, nearly full VST implementation and those software synthesis mechanisms, AND MIDI devices, where all the audio processing is taken away from the computer's CPU. That's a trifecta that would rocket MPT over many PRICED trackers and sequencers!

Just don't expect alot too soon from our esteemed devs (i'm sure i don't have to remind you). They already have full plates, and even if they wanted to implement MIDI fully, they'd have to have the know-how of how MPT uses or accesses MIDI through Windows. A little inspiration on their part wouldn't hurt too. :P

For myself, i will join you in daydreaming of one day having MIDI input and output with ModPlug...... 8)

Saga Musix

in the setup dialog, there's actually a hidden "output" dropdown list. :P but i guess this doesn't help you much. ^__^
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okay now you're just bragging! :lol:


"Dream alone and it's only a dream, deam together and it can become reality"
(quoted from a brasilian folk song I probably recall wrong)

Btw, I got my equipment to work at last. It was a faulty pnp-driver that messed things up. I will continue to dream about more midi-implementation though. :)

To follow Harbringers good advice, I'll end this with an important message for the developers. You rock!