Audiobusses and mixer support

Started by LPChip, July 18, 2009, 13:13:25

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For quite some time now, I'm missing the ability to easilly mix a song in OpenMPT.

If you use VSTi's alone, you can use Xlutop Chainer entirelly for this.

The problem is that when I work with samples alone, I can use the channel volume settings to mix the song. This is not ideal since there are only 4 channels visible at a time, but it does the job. The problem becomes big once you have VST effects in the chain, especially AMP plugins. They don't like the channel volume well, because they just think that the input is softer, yet they remain very very loud.

So I asked Rewbs years ago, if he couldn't changed the behavor of the channel volume. He told me that this is impossible because plugins can have more than one input coming from different channels. Besides, everything builds to a master, not to different channels.

But I found the solution to my problem.

If you build several audio busses (if possible 16 or more) and you can set those as output -> bus1 etc... then you create a mixer having the master volume and the busses, it would work. There doesn't have to be support for plugin chains or anything. Just the mixer from the busses (and optionally some nice VU meters with clip indicator would work great).

If that was in OpenMPT, you could master in it. :)
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That sounds nice. I was also thinking about some new mixing interface (node-based mixer would be a dream-machine!) Now it is impossible to use several inputs/outpust that plugins can handle, I can't split one audio stream in two, treat them diffrently and mix together. Anybody played with Ardour? Its mixing system is very flexible. Maybe we could use some of theese ideas to improove sound technology of OpenMPT?
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