Delayed note off (Legato mode) for VSTis

Started by bvanoudtshoorn, July 06, 2009, 23:01:50

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At the moment, if I have two notes:


the MIDI messages sent to VSTis place the Note Off for the C-5 just just before the Note On for the F#5, which is fine. However, it'd be good to have a 'legato' mode -- essentially, the C-5 Note Off is sent a tick or two after the F#5 Note On.

I can do this manually by swapping constantly between two channels, but it'd be really good if this was a configurable instrument parameter. Basically, it would let you do slightly more interesting things with legato, especially on plugs that don't have legato functionality built-in.

Saga Musix

It's worth noting that you can prevent a VSTi note from being cut by putting a Gxx (portamento) effect next to the new note. With monophonic plugins, this gives you legato, while with polyphonic synths, you get two notes playing at once.
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Ah, nice idea! I'll give it a shot next chance I get.