[Pop/Rock] Just to say (MP3)

Started by bvanoudtshoorn, May 06, 2009, 11:21:25

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I would die a thousand times,
cross the deserts, tear the skies;
oh I would do it all

I would do it all for you
just to say that I love you,
that I love you.

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Simple and straight, an hommage to love. A very tender song, Barry..


nice peaceful piece Barry. I especially like the sound of the percussion.


Thanks for the feedback, Sam_Zen and Clones! I had fun writing this, partially because it's the first track I wrote based on playing my new piano. :)

@Clones: Yeah, I really enjoy writing drum kit and percussive lines. :) Glad you liked it.


I thought the piano sounded very real.

You acquired an acoustic / real piano?


Well, in the track it was actually just OpenMPT driving Kontakt. :)

Yes, I acquired an acoustic piano. It's a twenty-seven year old upright, with a really beautiful sound -- a mixture of the 'bright' American sound and the mellower German sound. I was given it by the piano tuner at my church, who restored it to as-new quality. Now my house feels like a home -- lots of books and a piano. :D