[classical guitar + flute] circle with a line (mp3)

Started by uncloned, April 22, 2009, 02:00:20

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You're right. If one's not caught up in ego-traps, one can learn and improve life.


Quote from: "Sam_Zen"I don't think in the NL it's that much difference regarding the positive discrimination of the females in a divorce.
This is also in germany. And there is a statistic that says in germany almost 45% of marriages are divorced within the first seven years.
These are only two reasons I decided never to merry....


Ha, they are parrots, i adore those cute animals!
The song piece can fit to any story well, but it surely has a sad impact. Most of your songs are sooo short, one could listen to them for several minutes.
I'm as calm as a synth without a player.  (Sam_Zen)


Notes as i'm listening:

41 seconds? That's all? I was just settling in for a nice relaxing moment listening to two old friends at a time when they loved each other dearly, and it ends! Wow, is that ironic! You should add on some angry headbanger music immediately following the duet to drive nails into the past! :D


Hi Harbinger,

It was really just a scratch song with my ex that ended up on the multi-cassette album Home Movies. Now, after 30 years its something that was never developed further. I got her also on soprano recorder and playing drums (in the 90's http://www.traxinspace.com/song/40704 and the better version with me sequencing drums is http://www.traxinspace.com/song/40211  ).


heh,,, this IS headbanger music :-)


In fact I'll put up a proper DL of the good version now


here is an update of Circle with a Line that adds Norm Harris' percussion

since Norm left a coda in his parts unintentionally I took the liberty of "doing" something ambient with them.



Wondering a bit : isn't this another piece ?
Well, the flute comes back for a moment at the end, so it's some bridge over the ambient part, but..


yes, the percussion in the ambient section comes from another piece.