How do I add songs to my profile?

Started by CoolDudeClem, March 02, 2009, 15:05:58

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I've uploaded some songs here, but I don't know how to put them on my profile.  I've checked that they are on this site and they are here, so I know they have been accepted and added, but on my profile page it just says "
This user hasn't posted any songs in the Free Music Downloads forum." can anybody help me out and tell me what to do?
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Songs hosted on aren't automatically added to the profile page.

In order to accomplish that, make a post in the Free Music Downloads forum according to the template [style] Songname (.format) and it will automatically show up in your userprofile.

If you're unsure what I mean, Go to my profile and click one of my songs. Look where it brings you.

EDIT: In fact, this very topic now shows up in your own profile.

I will move this topic to General Chatter once you added a song to the forum.
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