[experimental] Big Big World (mp3)

Started by Louigi Verona, August 17, 2009, 16:00:19

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Louigi Verona

If I did use "experimental" as description of my music, never before it was so true as today.

I want to present to you an experiment - I absolutely do not know what you will think of it and I myself am not sure what it is.

http://www.louigiverona.com/files/BigBigWorld1.mp3 (71 Mb)

It is called Big Big World and is a 1 hour 18 minutes tune/mix/whatever.

What I did was mix together lots and lots of things. Sometimes I mixed lops with lone instruments and actually created "new" tunes, but most of the time I mixed whole tunes, either by me or by other people.

I have extensively used works by two modplugers:
1. Chris Vaisvil gave me guitar samples for Journey 98 - I have reused them here.
2. Also used Interdimensional Kettle (part 1) by Screaming Egg Notion.

Lots of other tunes appear there, most notably a part of Watercourse by Lvxus.

How I listen to this is approach the recording more as an environment rather than a musical tune. I also found it very interesting to mix together tunes of different tonalities. When a tune of a different tonality is mixed with a low volume, it gives an interesting 3D effect.

This piece was done with Tape Loops 8 which I also want to proudly present. Perhaps it might be useful to more people than Tape Loops 1.

Any thoughts and feedback on the tune and on the software is highly appreciated.


hm. 78 minutes is quite too big to give a single review. So I start wit a short impression.

It's wise to call this an experiment. Often, long pieces with repeating structures plus extra floating sounds,
are called 'ambient', while they don't represent any 'environmental' aspect.
Of course different tonalities can be mixed. It just creates a new tonality, where everything fits again.

Tapeloop 8 looks promising. Checking.


I will install these linux applications

SooperLooper is a looping sampler very much like the Gibson/Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro (EDP). Features include Recording, Overdubbing, Multiply, Insert, Replace, Reverse, Mute and many more

You can use it in a fairly straight forward way to make tracks with, or get very experimental. Audio or control data can be freely passed between the plugins, there is no difference. Data can also be fed back on itself for chaotic effects

You may want to look at it as well.

The length of time for the above piece.... I don't know when I'll have that much time right now to spare that I'm not composing. Perhaps the next time I'm doing laundry I'll download it.


this looks promising

and this reminds me of virtual waves that was out in the 90's - no idea what happened to virtual waves.

this is the output.... after I dropped it ... 8 or 12 octaves  :twisted:


Louigi Verona

In a Loopers Delight mailing list yesterday we discussed Linux music software and I have heard many words about SooperLooper and also found out that there are lots of sequencers about which I heard nothing, namely QTractor - and which look sooper promising.

The screenshots look cool! Thanks for sharing it.

Today I will install it all and use the weekend to study it and try out. I am really keen to move to free OS completely and if I can find a replacement for proprietary FL Studio - then farewell Windows! (yay!)

As for Big Big World, yeah, it's long but in reality it works more like a mix. But I understand why most people won't jump on the possibility to listen to 78 minutes %)

Louigi Verona

reading the documentation of sooperlooper, I am wondering whether the functionality of that software renders my humble Tape Loops attempt irrelevant.