[Melodic House] Plush (.mp3)

Started by Zaphoid, August 16, 2009, 04:17:33

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Was inspired to write some pure electronic style after listening to psishocks stuff.  I hope you like the sonic collage I put together.  Did most of this using Synth1 and Rob Papens Blue Mod synth.  


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Sorry, not my cake. I think house is too much predictable for me.

Saga Musix

Melodic House? I wouldn't say so. The arps are rather trancy. Well, the chords are housy, but it's definitely not 100% melodic house. Apart from that, nice tune. :)
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Quote from: "Jojo"Melodic House? I wouldn't say so. The arps are rather trancy. Well, the chords are housy, but it's definitely not 100% melodic house. Apart from that, nice tune. :)

Guess I need help with classifying it.


the chords are trancy too, Above and Beyond used many times similar ones, other artists too, only the conga drums are used more often in House (i was able to pick them up only on a few trance songs), but the rest, like the melody, percussion work, structure, breakdown, arps, falls pretty much to Trance genre.

The bass and the kick should receive some heavy enhancing, but the rest sounded pretty amusing. I like this Zaphoid, you did a decent job on the pure electronic experiment. :D

Also it's always nice to see inspired people by my works.
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how about using a 2pole filter to slice the low end off and do your own remix?


care to provide the .IT file? I could try to merge it to my instruments and song structures, just to check how will it sound. Simply slicing the low end and apply it to new instrument structure seems like a bad idea to me, the sounding will be definitely poor.
I'm as calm as a synth without a player.  (Sam_Zen)


sorry bmx format only.  I can separate tracks by instrument and you could load into a daw


midi? that should b compatible with almost anything. I'm only interested about pattern data, it's a lot easier to apply a new instrument on them, rather than guessing the right chords and the notes.
I'm as calm as a synth without a player.  (Sam_Zen)


no not midi bmx format is buzz only.  

The notes are cdd#fgaa#   Chords I use are Cm Fsus4 A# maj A#sus2


Notes as i'm listening

Good song structure, decent timbres, not very good engineering (it needs some spacing and "image" placement). I love how the rhythm keeps going even though the drumloop stops -- let's teach psishock that trick!:P Overall a good production but WAY-HAY-HAAAY too short. Explore some more, maybe by mixing and matching layers. We're keeping this in the dance rotation.

BTW,  re-label from 'melodic' genre for 'classic' -- i too always have a hard time trying to differentiate between the different genres of trance and rave music. If you're not sure, just use Trance. (If someone thinks that it can fit into a more exclusive genre, they'll let you know.)
Classic Trance is the old-skool 90s sound that has a Techno bent (lots of synthwork and pads) but often adds a layering design and heavy filtering work.
Melodic Trance goes further and introduces some sort of melodic line you can follow, and Uplifting Trance if there is a heavy use of major chords (especially major 7ths and 9ths) in the melodic line.
Psychedelic Trance (or psytrance) focuses more on the beat and rhythmic loop, with little attention to chord or melodic progression, instead using often-repeated melodic loops and samples to provide color.
Progressive Trance is like Classic but more focus on the delivery of layers in and out of the song.
Tech Trance is like Techno put into a Trance pulse (repetitive, heavy on loops, and often layered), but it can also include some edginess like that found in alternative rock or industrial.
Ambient Trance is a cross between New Age/Space music and Trance, with a diminishing of the rhythmic pulse but more attention to pad and other synth timbres, using occasionally influences from Drone or experimental music.


I think that you may be the best music reviewer I've met yet.  Thank you for helpful info and advice!   This mix needs some work, yes and I agree about the engineering.  The shortness can be fixed straight away.  It was just a demo and I always do short mixes at first as a kind of radio mix for reviewers like yourself.  Nothing worse than a long repetitive track.


Well thanks. I pride myself on being able to be objective. And my number one rule when critiquing is: don't compose someone else's song.

While i've gotten good at dance music, it's not my main thing -- i'm actually a classical composer. Psishock, however, has progressed and evolved his particular style of Trance after many many months, and i'm inclined to say he's the "elder" of trance in our beloved forums. But we also have a couple of others who like to track EDM, so i'm sure they will have a take on it.

You definitely have the right approach to creating Trance -- plenty of timbres, a solid consistent beat, simple chord progressions. The advice i've given to trance composers is this: when ravers dance, they lose themselves in the music -- take them on a sonic journey! :wink:


Trance is great for the gym too.  I lose myself in The Original Tranceport mixed by Paul Oakenfold.  That one album is sort of the beginning of my love for the genre back in the 90's.