[Industrial] Tronball (OGG)

Started by Sam_Zen, November 28, 2008, 14:53:45

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I tried to make a scene, entering a big factory for a shift.

Tronball - 12:00


Sam - this is awesome!!!!!

I've been to heavy industrial sites (chemical and oil) in and out of buildings.
This captures much of the feel and texture.

If I were to suggest anything it would be to make the volume transitions a little quicker.

all in all this really quite good and accurate.

Saga Musix

stomp stomp stomp stomp...

what's this done with? :D
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In fact I wanted the volume transitions to be a bit too long, as is going on in a real shift.

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Stomp it is. The NL word "stompzinnig" means "obtuse" (or dull).
Can't recall precisely how it was done. Maybe some tracker material used, but the main things in a multitrack mixer.
(Originally this is a quad composition)