[industrial ?] Engine v1 (OGG)

Started by Sam_Zen, May 24, 2007, 03:52:59

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An attempt to explore the sound-area of what I call the 'motor-region' of the audible spectrum.
The repeats are below the tonal lowest bass-sounds, but above the area of distinguished beats or rhythm patterns.
This was made as a tracker-module, but unfortunately I lost the original file, so I only have the output-mix.
Engine v1 - 12 MB - 9:05


Listening now -- it's getting interesting around 5 minutes in.  As always, your material is highly experimental.  But I like your approach to doing new things with sound.

By the way, your website continues to be very helpful.


In what way, if I may ask so ?


nice tune.
i would call the genre "industrial-hardtechno-schranz" :)


This must be one of the most amusing intros I've heard in a while. 1 minute passed now; quite gloomy atmosphere.1:20 - these sounds are intense when using headphones. This is special. 3:33, haha. Mystical vocals. The hi hat has really been a backbone for this song so far. Also, there is a rapid sound, which I have trouble describing - it even plays at a faster rate than the hi hat, if I'm not wrong. Around 5:36 there are more alternative sounds, of a somewhat melodic character. There is a lot going on, I get associations of factory work, being in the wilderness, possibly witnessing a meeting between different individuals. The mood is certainly not of the conforming, settling kind. 8:11 - now it develops a bit again. 8:30, gets calmer. Then these very alternative sounds towards the end. I'll definitely have some more listens to this one in near future.

A few questions: when approaching the melodic sounds, do you have a strict plan, or is it fairly random? At any rate, it sounds very fresh. Also, how long time do you reckon you spent on this track?


Answers :
it's neither planned in a score or random. It's more a matter of 'instant composition' considering the material involved during the working process.
As far as I remember (as said, I don't have the original material anymore) it took about two weeks to make it.

You're right about the hihat being a derivate of something much faster. This is an essential aspect of the song.
The core of the sequence is much faster. So the appearance of melodic elements suitable for human detection can
only be achieved by dividing down the speed of their appearance by some factor to be read.


I bump this one, because yesterday I experienced 40 minutes in a MRI-scanner, and the sounds of the machine reminded me of this song.