VST 3.0 released.

Started by Rakib, January 31, 2008, 01:46:17

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News from Steinberg:

Link: http://www.steinberg.net/1504+M52087573ab0.html

With VST (Virtual Studio Technology), Steinberg established the world's leading and most widely supported standard for plug-ins and virtual instruments in 1996. With VST3 Steinberg releases the next major revision of Steinberg's Virtual Studio Technology to the audio industry. VST3 marks an important milestone in audio technology with a completely rewritten code base providing not only many new features but also the most stable and reliable VST platform ever. This combination of latest technology and new features is the result of Steinberg's twelve years of development experience as the leading plug-in interface provider. VST3 has been designed to provide a technological and creative basis for many innovative and exciting new products for the audio industry, offering a new world of creative possibilities for instrument and effect plug-in users.

On its release in January 2008, the VST3 SDK will, of course, be available as a free technology, open in use for any developer.

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