Setting the default sample note.

Started by Dude, September 15, 2008, 20:07:51

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When I import a sample, the said note is completely different from the actual note. For example, when I put in the note D-5, it sounds like A-4. How can I fix this?


hmm, the most easiest way should be using this, before you import:

it has nice and simple interface. Or if you imported your samples already, you can always export, "fix" them to desired note, and import them again to tracker.
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On the sampletab, theres a control that allows you to set a note. Change this and play the note until you have a match. If you don't get it right (like its a bit off-tone) use the finetune settings to change it until it matches perfectly. If you tune it against another sample, make sure it resonates which means you're close, and at a certain point, it will stop resonating. Thats the exact center.
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