Classical socre/Partition display

Started by RG (aka AUDIOMONSTER), August 02, 2008, 13:05:26

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All is in title: it would be nice from Modplug to offer a classical score/partition display option.

Indeed, that would make the use of real orchestra (for a movie or a videogame) much easier, as it would be easily understandable for the orchestra conductor, and then for the musicians...

I know this is not a feature that many people would claim for, but I think it would be great, anyway ;-)

I remember "Octamed" for the Amiga, having such a feature...

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Hmm, I did suggest an exporter for Lilypond a while back. :) I do a lot of orchestral work too, and for the moment, there are two routes you can take for scoring it: do it all again in Lilypond/Sibelius/Finale/whatever, or export it to midi, import it into Lilypond/Sibelius/Finale/whatever and fix it up. :/


Hmmm, indeed, but I would prefer a real translator in Modplug :-)

Maybe someday ?