Happy new year everyone!

Started by LPChip, January 01, 2006, 12:54:49

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MODPlug Staff wishes everyone a happy 2006.

May this year be your year of great music productions and archievements.

We hope that modplug will develop the way we've planned (site wise and program wise)

Thanks for having faith in us during the problems from the past year(s).
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"yes.. I think in this case it was wishful thinking: MPT is makng my life hard so it must be wrong" - Rewbs


A happy and inspiring 2006 to everyone of the Modplug community


10 years on ModPlug... f#cking hell...

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Squirrel Havoc

What's everyone's new years resolution? :)
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Not making any new year's resolution anymore!


Happy new year!

new year resolution: Figure out a propper new year resolution for next year!


well wishings to all. i just wanna have a good year, the last 7 or so have sucked.
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