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Started by Violette, July 11, 2008, 22:16:17

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Hi all,

I've opened a midi in Modplug and want to replace the midi instruments with samples. The pitch of the samples doesn't match the correct pitch, obviously, and I've no idea how to get it to match except by trying out the Pitch Shifting. Is there no simpler way to do this?

And also, does anyone know how to convert soundfonts to wav? Searched google but can't find anything, except for Linux...



Afaik you can convert SF2 soundfonts with AWave.


And to alter the pitch, go to the sampletab, and change the Transpose note to a different one. This will alter the height of a note played so you can tune it to a good C-4 etc...

If notes are still not tuned properly you can use the Freq (Hz) buttons above to finetune the notes.

Tip: Create a new pattern, place 2 different samples/instruments on the same row you want to tune (using the same note, eg C-4), on the 4th row, place a C00 effect to break the pattern, and play the pattern continiously. Now in the sampletab, tuning will be much easier, and even finetuning will, because when the pitches are the same, it will stop resonating.

Note though, if an instrument is used that has more samples mapped, you need to play the instrument on the note that triggers the right sample.
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