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Started by Radstorm, December 25, 2005, 05:18:29

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Hi there<<New guy  :P

I been messing with MPT for a long time, and lately have started to look at it more serious. It's alot more powerful than I thought :)

I was wondering if there is a plan to improve MPT's wav editor.

One of my biggest problems is creating a sustained note over 2 or 3  seconds without it sounding choppy.

Or is there another editer around that would make them sound more smooth. Perhaps using another format then converting it back to a wav file?

This is pretty important working with trance / orchestra style strings, or voice / chorus "stuff"

Of course in techno / fruity stuff..who cares..yes?  :lol:

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Ah, this is a nice question indeed.

May I enlighten you that this feature is present in MPT at an even better way than you tend to do it.

You've tried to make a sustain note from the sample which sucks if you apply it on a low frequency sample and then play it back at a high frequency sample. The reason for this is that when you play it at a high frequency, this sustain is being played rapidly too.

In this case, Instruments are your friend.

First, try to make your sample looped in the sample editor. There are techniques of perfect looping, but if its a mono sample, you're usually fine by placing both the start and end of the loop at the center line somewhere inside the tracker. (use a loop=on for this) You can also set them left on the top, right on the bottom (in the curve)(use a loop=pingpong). It'll require some fiddling with it to understand it.

Once you've set a loop (or use an existing sample with a loop) create an instrument. (if its the first time, it asks you to convert, say yes. If you did this, you already have the sample mapped. Otherwise, you'll need to map it yourself. On the bottom you see vol and an envelope editor. Using the right-mouse-button, you can add/remove points. With left-mouse-button you can move points. Create a nice curve from the top left to bottom right (the more it goes to the right, the longer your sustain will be)

In the toolbar where also "Vol" is located you have more icons to the right. the last 4 are grouped. One of these is the sustain. Upon pressing, it will create 2 loop points in your envelope. Place both of them at the 1st point (if not already there) and press the Vol button.

Now press your keyboard's key to play, and hold a key down, and release it after a second.

you'll see that during press, it stays at point one, and then after release the sound fades out.

In order to get the same effect in the pattern editor, the note is being looped until it encounters a === (note-off).
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And a nice answer indeed too . . This should be in the Wiki.
Some tips on making smooth samples for loops .


Thanks so much for the help. I am pretty much re-learning MPT now. But I have always considered it to be a much more powerful system than some credited it to be.

I think lots thought it would just be another "Techno" machine

But when traxinspace came dispelled that idea..however traxinspace closing down almost overnight was a black day as well..I have crossed path with a few artists that lost virtually all their work there. :(  .but they were happy to find out I still had them from downloads back then.. :)

I have a feeling traxinspace wont be quite as trusted as the first time around

There used to be a site that hosted a page called ModPlug for Dummies LOL..guess it's gone now..but I actually learned quite a bit from it. Would be nice if someday the new peeps could make something like that..maybe in PDF format for download..

One of the great features of MPT was you could learn it pretty easy with a little patience..I hope that remains intact..not to mention the price

Anyhow it's great to see MPT still going..long live Olivier Lapicque :)

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