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Started by Relabsoluness, December 01, 2007, 14:26:19

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Opening .52 was ok.
Also replaced .48 by it on the W98 sys, after removing winhttp. No probs.


Quote from: "Relabsoluness"
Quote from: "BooT-SectoR-ViruZ"i'm not quite sure if this can be called a bug and it'll need further testing, but:

i get the impression that in some certain cases .51 handles sample/vst volume differently than older version do. experienced much lower sample-volumes than it should be while playing some older modules live last weekend.
If you ask me, certainly a bug if true - and a major one as well. To be investigated - I've also noticed something similar with older mods.

Edit: Results of investigations: For me, the likely cause for the difference was the value of pre-amp setting in sound card setup. The pre-amp value affects only samples, so playing a mod with different pre-amp value can make the VST/sample volume ratio to be wrong. To think of it, this is rather horrible behavior. The RC3 mixmode ignores the setting, however. Please report whether this is the cause in your case as well.

didn't test it but sounds very much like the reason...
will check when i come home from work...
(btw: i've been using the same pre-amp value for years now)
10 years on ModPlug... f#cking hell...

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Really Weird Person

I would imagine that it is also located on SourceForge.


Quote from: "Really Weird Person"I would imagine that it is also located on SourceForge.

Yes, as always.

It would be nice if the OpenMPT Development Builds page went back into service, I can't imagine I was the only one subscribing to the RSS.