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Started by Rakib, December 26, 2005, 00:34:04

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Is there any psycle users among the people who also know of modplug tracker, i've heard that the vst support there was better than with modplug so i want to try. But is there any difference i should know about before i try. I usually dont have patience to learn a new software when i already know a very good one (in this case modplug tracker).  Should i change from MPT to psycle when VSTi support is most important?


I haven't used Psycle in a long time, but I don't think the VSTi support is all that much better anymore. Of course you get the visual plugin routing system, which some people refer to as modular (how can plugin routing not be modular?) and the solution to all the problems in the world. I did find the actual pattern editor to be a bit odd (probably because I was so used to the MPT way) but other than that it was rather nice. It's still a tracker so you'll probably pick it up in a few days/weeks. There's no reason why you shouldn't use both tho.


Absolutely agree with speed-goddamn-focus. The only advantage in fact is visual modular fx routing but pattern editor is worse than what we have in MPT. Also Psycle lets you control some things which are usually hidden. For example, output gain for each machine connection (in dB). But there's no reason to give up using MPT and move to Psycle. Just play with it if you have time - its worth of it.


When I tried Psycle (which is a while ago) It was buggy, and I couldn't get used to the way it handles effects. Each machine has its own set of effects, which is also different when using the sample machine. I couldn't do what I can with MPT, and that bugged me most. Nevertheless, you can only say for yourself once you've tried it.
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I use Psycle and it's not too buggy or anything BUT the vsti support is very lacking. I use only a couple of vsti's like Polyiblit and Minimogue without incident but any drumsynth/drum machine plugin or anything made in Synthedit are guaranteed to crash it. I use the Kjaerhus Classic series effects in there, they work fine as do most vst effects. I find the interface very agreeable, and the sampling engine seems to work well. According to the boards over at Psychedelics they are planning to overhaul the vsthost for the next release as well upgrade the sampler. So if your very reliant on vsti's, IMO you'd be better off sticking with OMPT.
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The reason I am asking this is that I am working on my first song where the entire meldoly, strings and synths are vsti's, the drums are still sample. So if I could find another tool to make music with same tracker style for free, I want to try it.