Source files available for my music at TraxInSpace

Started by bvanoudtshoorn, March 21, 2008, 05:02:58

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Hi everyone,

I recently decided to release the source files for all of my tracks when I release the track. Although I doubt that anyone will have the same setup that I use for most of my tracks (Chainer, Kontakt 2, and a bunch of instruments I downloaded), I figure that at least people will be able to see how I put things together and what-not, kinda like the scene before plugins. :) Because I'm *way* too lazy to update each post here at MPC to include the source file, I'm just gonna say that you can grab them at TraxInSpace. I've only got nine of my most recent tracks (and one old one) up there, though.

Hopefully, this will encourage other people to release the source for their tracks, too. I enjoy poking around in other people's music. :D

- Barry