VST MIDI Control Extension 2.0 vs OMPT

Started by psishock, August 20, 2008, 09:31:35

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Full Version:
OpenMPT v1.17.02.52

Has the bug occured in previous versions?
not tested.

Description of the bug:
Hmmm, not sure that its a "bug" or a plugin compatibility issue, but i'll try to describe the problem.
This is also related to my previous post, the extended macro parameter range, since OMPT currently can only assign macros to parameters 0 - 383.
So i've searched for "workarounds" to solve my problem and found a plugin named "VST MIDI Control Extension 2.0". The basic concept of the plugin is that it acts as a virtual midi controler device, also it can "integrate" itself to any VST or VSTi you have. (check the homepage of the plugin, trial available, i got it from here, and you will get better description w/pictures http://www.midevice.com/Products.aspx?ProductID=0)
So the idea was simple, i could assign now any of the 1000+ parameters of my deticated plugin example to first knob of the "VST MIDI Control Extension", after that i could just simply automate that first parameter with SFx and Zxx commands.
Seems OMPT thinks different, because any time i make any changes or settings it gives me the:
Exception in Dispatch(19) (Plugin="MCXVirtualDevice")!
error endlessly, and i'm forced to close it. Also happened that it crashed by itself without any warnings after i made some modifications.
Now, maybe in the end i don't "have to" use this plugin to achive my needs, but this just could do the job very easy and simple.
I welcome any other solutions, how could i control the parameters of my VSTi after 383+.

How often does it happen?:
seems allways.

How to reproduce (step by step description):
1. Load a VST instrument (with MCX-extension).
2. Load the "VST MIDI Control Extension 2.0" plugin.
3. Try to set any parameter of your VST instrument to any knob of your virtual midi controler plugin.
4. write some random notes, some automatisation and play your song.
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You could try Xlutop Chainer. :) It certainly seems capable of handling a whole *lot* of params (as far as I can tell, at least 511, from checking in just one track). It's also a bit of a "silver bullet" for VST problems in OpenMPT. :) I know LP will agree with me that it's a great piece of software.


- VST(i) and ASIO host.
- Standalone application and VST(i) plugin.
- Realtime multi-effect device.
- Multi-timbral sound generator.
- Streams the ASIO/VST input signal through up to 10 chains of VST effects.
- Several VST instruments playable simultaneously.
- VST instruments playable on different MIDI channels.
- 100 slots for VST(i) plugins per instance of Chainer.
- Chainer and VST plugin parameters controllable through MIDI control change messages and VST automation. (!!)
- Creates 16/24/32bit multi-samples from your VST instruments (WAV, SF2).
- Loads/saves Chainer preset files for fast access to your complex effect and instrument presets.
- Wet, dry, panning and transpose parameters per slot.
- Volume, panning, routing and MIDI channel parameters per channel.
- No clicks during volume and panning changes (volume ramping).
- FXP/FXB import/export with browse functionality:
    Loads preset files directly without closing the open dialog.
    Loads single presets from FXB files.
    Opens the VST plugin belonging to the preset file automatically.
- Copy/paste for plugin presets.
- Captures the sound output to a 16/24/32bit stereo WAV file.
- PC keyboard usable as virtual midi keyboard.
- Random function for VST plugin parameters.

(doh!, how could i overlook that magnificent feature >_<)
It's one powerful "silver bullet" indeed bvanoudtshoorn, yet again it did the job very well (it solved many of my problems as well, like assigning more VST effect to a single VST instrument, for example). I confirm that it can use EVERY (tested about far as 1100~) parameters easily (simple right-click/and assign), without any fancy "plugin integrations" and setups like the "VST MIDI Control Extension 2.0" has.
Yet again, thanks for pushing me to the proper way. ^_^

edit: it could be the answer also for the limited (16) SFx macro slots we have in OMPT! Since it only limits the "number of different parameters", but it can be used for any number of instruments. Basicaly i can open any time a new Chainer, set my desired plugin parameter to Chainer parameter 1 expample, and control that with SFx and Zxx commands. I can load a different Chainer instrument with different VSTi parameter, and set to the same MIDIcc on Chainer as before. You can control many different parameters with the same SFx that you set before, just with instrument changes. ^_^
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this topic can be closed imo.
while the plugin is still not compatible, compared to Chainer VST a lot better solutions can be achived, so it's practically useless :)
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I'll leave it open for now.

Relabs, if you think that it can be closed, feel free to do so. You, as a dev. have a better insight in seeing if this should be fixed or not. :)
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As far as I understand, there's a bug that isn't fixed so I think the report is worth keeping open.


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