.48 Loop Song property is shared globally.

Started by vedus, December 21, 2007, 03:49:55

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Previously Existing Bug:
Forum search and build history provided no matches.

Modifying the 'Loop Song' option on the 'General' tab of an open track will toggle this setting for all open tracks.

Steps To Reproduce:[list=1]
  • Create a new module and a pattern.
  • Create another new module and a pattern.
  • Toggle 'Loop Song' property on for Module2.
  • Switch to Module1 and press 'Play from start' or F6.
  • Module1 will loop the whole song in it's entirety. 'Loop Song' option still appears off in the module.
  • For extra giggles stop playback on Module1 and double toggle (on then off) 'Loop Song' option in Module1.
  • Switch to Module2 and 'Play from start'.
  • Module2 no longer loops even though the option is toggled on in its 'General' tab.[/list:o]
    Frequency Of Occurrence:
    Every time.

    Additional Notes:
    If a module is playing toggling the 'Loop Song' option on a different open module will not change the option during playback as toggling it's own 'Loop Song' selection would. The change is still registered though. Stopping the active module after toggling this option in a different module and restarting will reflect the change.


The loop song property indeed is a global setting. It always have been, but it doesn't control if a song is being looped. It only sets if MODPlug Tracker will loop the song. The actual looping occurs by setting the loop value or adding a Bxx command in a pattern. (last setting recommended due to compatibility)

For that reason, I don't consider this a bug, and I'll close it.

If the devs disagree with me, feel free to reopen the bug.
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If not technically a bug (based off the development expectations) I would still consider this a usability issue. I ran in to this in the process of usage rather than formal testing.


Perhaps the checkbox should be moved to a more global place