bug with VSTi. Whole octave is not available

Started by mmutee, November 07, 2007, 11:10:14

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I have been tracking/making music using Modplug since 2002 or something. Recenlty I got my hands on Toontrack Ezdrummer and its expansion pack called Claustrophobic. This is a drum VSTi and this pack has many samples. So many that the keys are laid out till C8.


I never had a chance to wander this far before, but this time when I did, I found out that Modplug is playing the whole Instrument with the difference of two octaves. What should be at C1 is played at C3 in Modplug. So the notes on B6 to B7 are not played. I checked the VSTi on Reaper and all notes are played right where they are supposed to be.

I looked for any settings that could have produced this but there is nothing.

Please help, I could be wrong or I could have overlooked something for that I apologize.


I am using the latest Beta, downloaded yesterday.


This indeed sounds like a bug. I'll move it to the bug submission forum.
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Quote from: mmutee on November 07, 2007, 11:10:14C1 is played at C3 in Modplug.
That's because the lowest octave in OpenMPT is octave 0, the lowest MIDI octave is -2 (yep, that's a minus in front of that 2). So if you trigger a "C-0" (C zero) in the pattern, it is really a C-2 (C minus two) in MIDI.
Anyway, OpenMPT has a note range of 10 octaves (C-0 through B-9), that's exactly 120 notes, but there are MIDI notes, so the upper 8 notes are not accesible through pattern notes, so this limitation is "by design". However, there are still ways to access those 8 notes, as described here, so I'm going to move this old report.
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