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Tutorial: How to begin making a song (for newbees)

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I've made a page on the xwiki that shows how to make a new song, step by step, explaining a few of the more advanced functions, such as copy/paste, row spacing, octave, but also how to write a drum pattern, bassline and melody.

It should get every new person into tracking really easy.

You can read about it here.

Nice work !!

PabloLuna aka Alpharomeo81 has made a tutorial as well. To be downloaded here

The demo song entitled GOODEX has patterns of many different lengths.  Pattern 0 is 24 steps, pattern 2 is 53 steps, pattern 5 is 22 steps, etc.
  I see that the default length for a pattern is 64 steps.  How do I shorten, or otherwise change, the pattern length? If GOODEX is any indication, I assume it can be done.

Just click on the pattern number right to the left of the channel numbers in the pattern editor.

EDIT: Click, not lick.


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