I can't use two presets of one VSTi in one song

Started by Apocalyptiq, October 01, 2007, 16:31:10

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OpenMPT v1.17.02.48

Description of the bug:

When I use two other presets (first - normal, second - with long fade out) of the same VSTi (DSK String) in one song, MPT doesn't work ok...

How often does it happen?:


How to reproduce (step by step description):

When I play pattern with two the same VSTi's (DSK Strings) with other presets, MPT screens:
"Exception in Dispatch(12) (Plugin="DSK Strings")!" (when I click OK, and when I play second time this pattern, VSTi's aren't play)
"The plugin DSK Strings threw an exception in processReplacing. Is has automatically been set to "Bypass"." (when I click OK, MPT and computer blocks).

Thanks for bvanoudtshoorn, I have one way to use two, but only two presets: just use one preset in standard VSTi, second: in Xlutop (http://www.xlutop.com/) with this VSTi.

In MPT .48 we can change params of each VST in song (max 15 params can be set in one song), but what if some preset, which we want to change on, have more than 15 params to change?


something similar occasionally happens with FM8 when using 3 or 4 instances  i guess... and i think it's new in .48
anyway that'd need some further testing... too busy for that right now
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I can't get any ""Exception in Dispatch(12)" messages with the latest version, so this issue has probably been resolved. On another note, this particular plugin crashes OpenMPT and also Renoise and other hosts when closing a document which uses this plugin, so it's not OpenMPT's fault.
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