MP3 Made Longer than Song

Started by Really Weird Person, September 15, 2007, 16:51:33

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Really Weird Person

That is weird. When I made an MP3 of an OpenMPT format song, the MP3 ended up being longer than the song (and the song repeated). Does anyone know why that would happen. Is is a bug in the program? Perhaps something wrong with the encoder. I cannot remember this ever happening before. Also, for whatever reason, after the MP3 was made, ModPlug Tracker blew up (fortunately my computer didn't though).

I made three attempts, but all of them failed.

Attempt #1:  Doing the entire song (made too long and caused repetition)
Attempt #2:  Limiting the MP3's length to 39:05 (made the right length, but still caused repetition)
Attempt #3:  Limited the song to [what I thought was] 39:02 (ModPlug Tracker blew up in the middle of making the MP3?) (I only received 11:something of the song.)
As I said above, I have no clue what is going on or how to fix it.

Saga Musix

I encountered problems with loops before, too (modplug continued rendering the wav file although the songs was only one looped pattern or something...), so yes, i would consider this as a bug, but others may call it a desired feature.
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yea really nice feature :-D
it should work when you add an empty pattern at the end of the module.

Really Weird Person

I like natural loops (i.e. ones in ModPlug Tracker), but they sound weird when I hear them in my MP3's after they are made.