[World] - Oundour Honour (ZIP(OGG)) African loops

Started by Sam_Zen, December 08, 2005, 02:59:42

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Oundour Honour.
To be found here .
From the album : 'Zongs for the Platypus'.


Sounds quite good. And especially when listened with headphones, there is really nice 'surround'(I don't know the correct term for it).

By the way, why the ogg is zipped, even though it practically doesn't make the file smaller?


Because I like to force people to download the whole song and then play it back locally, instead of being able to play it streaming, and cut it off after 10 seconds, because the intro wasn't catchy enough.
So in this case, filesize is less relevant.
Nice you mention headphone using. I was curious about that. That 'surround' feeling was purely created with specific code-using according to split stereo-samples in OMPT.


this is a catchy tune.
the only bad thing is, that i cant stop hearing it   :wink: