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Started by Nahkranoth, August 23, 2007, 10:31:00

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Sometimes after a track have been played when you start playback again you can hear last output of some synthesizers. (Especially if you PLAY/STOP different patterns).
This is VERY annoying sometimes, mostly when rendering. This can be noticed for example when using Taurus VSTi (Antti @ Smartelectronix) and many others (Absynth, Minimoog...).
Sometimes on pressin PLAY one may hear even drums, that were played before.
Have no one noticed this?

What I'm suggesting is to add an option to Setup->Soundcard tab to Flush VSTi output on STOP (or on PLAY). Or something like that ::)


The reason for this is that mpt doesn't adhere to the vst(i) standard very strictly. According to the standard, all the plugs should be processing silence when they're not in use. However, mpt seems to put them into bypass, or pause them, or something like that, when you hit stop. So fixing it would mean that mpt would have to be continually processing audio/midi to and from the plugs.

In most (all?) other music software, you can hear that they implement the standard correctly. For example, when you hit "stop" in cubase or fl studio, your reverb tails will die off, volume envelopes will stop, and so on. Basically, stop should start sending silence from all sampled instruments to the plugs, and send the "all notes off" midi message to the plugs.

1. Stick an empty pattern at the front of your track. (This is what I do). Then, when you're rendering, the "pop" of noise will have died down by the time the actual track starts.
2. When you're going to get a "pop", first go to the instruments tab, and hit a key for the popping plug. This'll flush the buffer (and you'll notice that mpt will carry on processing nothing by the timer in the bottom right-hand corner).


Thanks! Never thought about that empty pattern, but always played some other pattern, which was almost empty :? So this feature will never be added for the processing power's sake? It's not such a big problem after all. But I hoped there was more elegant answer.

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Quote from: bvanoudtshoorn on August 23, 2007, 13:07:04The reason for this is that mpt doesn't adhere to the vst(i) standard very strictly.
That is wrong, said plugins are not adhering to the standard that requires them to flush their buffers when they're stopped.

Anyway, for mod exporting, there has been an option to clear plugin buffers before exporting for a while now, so I consider this to be closed.
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