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Started by dBlues, July 07, 2007, 00:34:58

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So in lack of sleep, I came up with this: give me a list of three most valuable abstract or concrete things, that help you create killer music i.e. inspire you. You can say "Modplug" if you want, but I guess everyone knows that already :P so be creative :).

I get to go first... lets see. Okay:
1. Other people with interest in music
2. My U.S. Stratocaster
3. Crystal VSTi
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Hmm.. a quick guess :
1) Picking up everydays noise.
2) Monitoring how my brain reacts to sounds
3) Listening to the remarks of skillfull artists of whatever discipline.


1. Listening to someone else's music
2. Listening to my old experiments
3. Using certain sample/instrument combinations
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1) Trying new sounds on my Synth
2) Open the tracker without anything in mind
3) participate in OHCs
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1. New and fascinating music.
2. Art, primarily photography (both shooting and watching)
3. My new Vsti:s. :)


OK, here goes...

1. Playing around on the piano
2. Playing with all those beautiful sounds in Kontakt. =)
3. Listening to some of my tracks with my girlfriend (especially the orchestral ones: she's classically trainined)


1. listening to music
2. messing around with synth1
3. trying out new techniques/effects in Modplug
4. randomly putting in notes and then rearranging them till they create the feel and melody i want.


Nice list so far.
Come on seventhson, you'll have to choose 3 items .. :)


three just wasn't enough and they're all equally important  :P


a beautiful women
a moving story
intuition/trial and deconstruct
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1. concerts/parties of other people
2. new softsynths => experimenting
3. a melancholic mood

and i always get some good ideas when i'm driving my car on the highway for some hours
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There you go, Residentgrey! About time someone said that!

-Beautiful women/Love
-Playing around with my MIDI controller in Reason's factory presets
-Any sort of strong emotion: Love, Hatred, Jealousy, Sadness...
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Soundcrafter mentioned:

1. Beautiful women
2. Playing around with [Insert new toy here]
3. Any sort of strong emotion: Love, Hatred, Jealousy, Sadness...

I'd have to agree with all of them and mention that the best stuff comes out of "combos" of the above, especially 1 and 3. ;)
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1. Lack of sleep
2. Remixing other artist tracks in my head
3. Getting "high" on my own music :P


1. Everyday noises: my breath, the train, the birds...
2. Walking around and looking at the rhythm things move, and the polyrhythms they made
3. Hearing other people's music