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Started by Really Weird Person, June 13, 2007, 01:42:15

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Really Weird Person

Does Modplug Tracker support 64-bit operating systems (especilly Vista)? I may eventually get a laptop. The one I am looking at has an AMD Turion 64 processor, a 17" screen, and runs Windows Vista Home Premium on it (32-bit most likely). I am thinking that I would probably want to wipe it though and install the 64-bit version of Windows Vista Ultimate on it instead. I noticed, however, that Sourceforge's site said something about it only supporting 32-bit operating systems? That could hurt. It could especially hurt when I want to make a song as long as they can go, but I cannot do that with a 32-bit processor (Pentium 4 is what I have in my computer (a desktop) right now). I tried it, but it did not work very good at all. In fact, one of the patterns was even at the end and it should not have been! All I did was open On-Screen Keyboard, click the Alt key, and place a plastic egg (with a small toy cone under it) full of quarters on my Insert key to let the patterns add away. There was no way I was going to sit there and hold Alt-Insert the whole time! That would be crumb (crazy + dumb) (and tiring for my fingers)!




What sam said. Truly, mate. It's NOT worth ANYTHING.
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I agree that Vista is yet another fancy looking "are you sure you want to" / "confirm this operation" / "are you sure you know what you are doing" / "are you still sure you want to perform these actions" kind of operating system.
For all I care you can say Hasta La Vista to Vista but I still think that Vista is where everyone will end up sooner or later anyway so ignoring it might be a bit stupid IMHO.
That being said I have to admidt that it will be even more stupid to make ModPlug depend on Vista so let's hope ModPlug don't require any of the fancy new stuff in Vista for a while :) ...hmmm a bit off topic perhaps....
btw: If there is not to many tricks in the code I guess a recompile would suffice to build a 64bit version. However AFAIK there is still some chunks of assembly language left in the source code and porting that may perhaps be the biggest problem for building a 64bit app. On the other hand if this was easy I bet there would exist a 64bit build already  ::)


Things like vista are per definition never an ending upto, because there always will be a next one, according to commercial laws.
But one has the choice to skip something, or ignore a certain upgrade.
And of course MPT should be as independent of these developments as possible.
But these are issues that are in fact another thing than about OMPT behaving in a 64-bit environment.


Quote from: "Really Weird Person"Does Modplug Tracker support 64-bit operating systems (especilly Vista)?
Microsoft stated that Vista-64 should run any 32-bit program that runs on earlier versions of Windows with the same speed. Or you want that 20% performance boost? Your CPU should be fast enough already in 32-bit mode 8) .


Even if you have a 64-bit processor, you can always have a 32-bit OS.

As you mentioned in your first post, you think that it will be a 32-bit version of the OS.

If thats the case, then any app on it will run in 32-bit.

But even so, don't buy Vista.

I've tried it, but its slow as hell, and doesn't really add value to what XP already offers.
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Really Weird Person

I will have to admit, Vista still has some quirks. The main one that I have noticed is the lack of proper functionality for its hibernation and sleep states. When I take it out of hibernation, my programs (especially the ones that play music) did not work properly and I had to restart my computer to make them work properly. As for the speed thing, it is somewhat slower than XP, however, that can be worked around (likely by disabling Aero) (If your graphics card does not support it, then you would not have to worry about that.) My computer is somewhat slow anyway, compared to most of the modern ones. My processor is labeled like this.
Intel ® Pentium ® 4 CPU 2.00GHz 1.99GHz
I am not sure what that "2.00GHz 1.99GHz" part means though (the fact that they are both listed beside each other).
As for the Vista, I have Vista Ultimate on my computer right now (as well as XP Pro with Service Pack 2). I also only have 768MB of RAM in my computer. Most computers have 1+GB (servers have 8+GB I believe) of RAM. Most of yours (meaning the people on this forum right now) probably have at least 1GB. As for the 32-bit OS on a 64-bit processor, would that still act super slowly and put pattern in the wrong places on me, or do you think that the processor would perhaps help prevent that. I also have seen (quite often actually) Modplug Tracker blow up because I tried to play a lot of patterns at once. What I mean is this. I will make about 30 patterns or so, but when I try to play them, Modplug Tracker just blows up instead of playing. That is why I save before I play the song.
As for the 64-bit application thing, I think that you have already done that. :lol: When I tried to make a song as many patterns as Modplug Tracker can handle (65,000? 65,536?), my system was extremely bogged down and had a tough time recovering, and, as I said above, one of the patterns was not even in the right place!


Apart from performances like bus-speed, a Finnish friend of mine tested Vista and wrote me this :
QuoteI tried to run a program installer.

1. IE says it has blocked a file download for security, do I want to continue.
2. IE asks if it should run the file in temp or save it as, which is worded far too badly: "... while some files from the Internet can be useful, some files can harm your computer ..."
3. IE asks where the file should be saved.
4. IE notifies that the download is complete giving the options open, open dir and close dialog, reworded here.
5. IE, maskarading as Windows, warns that the file lacks a digital signature, so again do I want to continue. Big deal, most files lack a digital signature anyway.
6. UAC notes that "an unidentified program wants access to your computer" and forces me to click a link saying I agree that I know where the program came from or have used it before.
7. And to top things off, the installer throws up a message box saying this is the installer for program x, do I want to continue?

If this would happen to me, I probably had steam coming out of my ears, cursing out loud..


Quote from: "Sam_Zen"
If this would happen to me, I probably had steam coming out of my ears
Now, that would be interesting to see.... :nuts:
"Heh, maybe I should've joined the compo only because it would've meant I wouldn't have had to worry about a damn EQ or compressor for a change. " - Atlantis
"yes.. I think in this case it was wishful thinking: MPT is makng my life hard so it must be wrong" - Rewbs

Saga Musix

they gonna train our muscles! in fact, they train the muscles which are used for mouse clicks! :lol: :nuts:
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I think Vista is just Microsoft's answer to people who get viruses and blame it on the programs on their computer...  "Oh, you want more security then, do you?"  :)
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Really Weird Person

That is a good point, MisterX. Windows Vista is definately more secure than Windows XP, but I noticed that Vista's hibernate and sleep functions do not work properly. Has this ever happened to you? It should, because I think that that is a bug in Vista's programming. I think I remember it being that way since the release candidate, but I do not totally remember if it was or not. I am not sure about the beta though. I suspect that the beta was probably not much different (except for maybe buggier).


Real security first depends on the alertness of the user himself and being cautious.
But M$ is pampering the customers, giving them a quasi feeling of security, so bringing them in a state of zombie-ness at the KB.

This is the first time i hear about these 'hibernate and sleep functions', and illustrates this state of mind perfectly.
I guess these are functions for if one has the set on-line 24 hrs/day, even if one is in the garden doing other things.


Quote from: "Really Weird Person"... I noticed that Vista's hibernate and sleep functions do not work properly. ...

Perhaps this is related to running "old" display drivers instead of the new display driver model (WDDM) ?! or perhaps other drivers might be the problem.