Project that needs an Electronica/Ambient style soundtrack

Started by leeor_net, November 13, 2005, 21:32:55

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As there seems to be some problems, I hope that I'm not offending anyone.

So, getting to the point,

I'm part of the lead on a project called the Outpost : Genesis project. Simply put, it's a real-time strategy game set on another planet based on two prior games. It's not a commercial project and I think we're going to make it open source. You can view its website here: The website is limited in information right now as we're pretty much in the preliminary stages of engine development.

However, we do need music! And lots of it!  :D Generally we're looking for an Electronica/Ambient feel mixed with impressionist style (if that makes any sense). One of the other team leaders suggested an ambient version of the Star Wars sound track but I never really liked Star Wars (not since Ep1/Ep2 were released) so I don't know how well that would work.

So, if you think that you're able to write music in the style that we want and you're interested in creating music for a computer game (all credits due will be made public), please make sure to contact either myself or Stormy (e-mail links provided on website).

Thanks for your interest and thanks to everyone who's part of the ModPlug community!


I would've done it if it werent that am already doing this for my own company, and I don't have the time to do another huge project like this...
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I would after my current projects are at a confortable stage to take on other work. That is my favorite style btw, most of my melodies have roots there. If some of the tunes i make from my projects work for yours, we can talk about it then.

EDIT i saw the game pages and have one thing to say, if you need textures i can help i have a couple examples of my work if you are interested. Oh that know i also have some questions to ask yo on the same subject.
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I'm glad I even got a response!  :D

Well, I'm available at any time. If someone's interested in helping and you want to send some samples, drop me a message on Yahoo! IM (outpostmia) or AIM with the same Screen name.

Also, in response to the last message, do you have links? I'd like to hear what you have!


Well, I see a lot of views but very few responses. I've checked e-mail and all that jazz and so far havn't really gotten too much of a response.

So to state again. Anyone and EVERYONE who's interested, drop me a line! We need your help!  :)



I`d gladly take on the project but not on the described scale. I`m more then willing to produce a few songs ;)
Just what format are you after? mp3? it? does it make any difference to you? is there a size limmit? when is it due to?

You can reach me either here or at
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You'll probably get more interest when your project is a little more close to completion than the preliminary stages of engine development. Keep us updated.


QuoteYou'll probably get more interest when your project is a little more close to completion than the preliminary stages of engine development. Keep us updated.
You know, that's not something I had thought about. But you're right.

Well, the planned development time for the rough game around 90% complete is December of next year. We will be using this year to produce most of the content and do most of the general programming.

After december we'll be in a process of game polishing in which we'll be polishing off the engine coding and squaring away those loose ends and doing the last touches on mission coding and graphics.

The format for the music we're looking at is XM/IT. We will not be using MP3's for several reason (royalties and lossy format being two of them).

There are four viewpoints in the game each with their own 'theme' of music but all within the aformentioned style. Of course, there will be much room for artistic liscence so anyone interested will have a lot of freedom. The styles are more of a guideline anyway...  :D

There is no size limit at this point... as long as you can keep it reasonable (e.g., a 5MB XM/IT file is perfectly fine but one that's 100MB is exessively large) we'll be very happy to include it if the piece makes the final cut.

As far as due dates are concerned, anywhere between January 2006 and December 15, 2006... but that is very much subject to change as we have yet to see how fast development will go.

A little bit more information about the group:

We currently are a team of 4 Senior members with 3 Junior members (and counting). The four Senior Members are Leads in their department. I myself am leading the programming while Stormy (another Senior) will be heading the 3D Artwork, Zanco will be heading the AI and GUI Design and Programming and TH300 will be heading the Mapping/Mission.

We are looking for a talented musical artist to head up the Music for the project and to help orchestrate production from any Junior Member Musicians.

As of right now we're in the process of testing various aspects of the development process as well as finalizing the games story. We've decided upon the file formats that we're going to be using, the engine coding that needs to be done and the various software utilities we're going to be using for Graphics and Programming development. So basically, a lot's going on behind the scenes.

January and February are going to be used to develop the tools that we'll be using to create the graphical and logical content for the game including a mapping tool and varios script editors. After that we'll be using an 8 month period to create the most important functional pieces of code, develop the first two campaigns and complete the first set of Colony Sturctures and Units (there are two styles, Eden and Plymouth).

We're about to release a whole lot more information about the project on our website so you might want to check that in the coming weeks.

Also, you can check out the Developer's Gallery as that contains a lot of images of the development process including modeling and in-engine shots.

Whew that was a lot! Hope you guys are interested!

Almost forgot! If you need the link, this is it:


After my first game comes out in a few months, i may be available to contribute, you never know smth i would have already made may work for you ;)
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