Anyone running MPT on Linux?

Started by MaxL, December 25, 2006, 23:05:29

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I would like to run MPT on DamnSmallLinux, but I'm not going to attempt it if there's no evidence that someone's got it working under some Linux-based OS. Was it easy to compile from source, which tools did you use and did you encounter any difficulties? Thanks


It won't compile with anything but VC++ so you won't get it running natively, but some people have had success running it using Wine.


I know that in the past, someone was able to get it to work through Wine.

Unfortunatelly, I don't have more info than that.
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Oh OK thanks. I won't bother then - not worth it if I need WINE as well.


Yeah it'll only run under wine or cedega, if you wanted to use vst plugins then cedega works better.
Native would be cooler but I doubt it will happen.
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