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Started by montes77, August 28, 2006, 05:27:16

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Hey, everyone, I am new to the Forums.

I have been using the old MPT by O. Lapicque for some years now and have gotten pretty comfortable with it.  Though a little outdated its still a solid peace of software....   In any case, what I'm trying to say is that I'm not totally unfamiliar with OpenMpt because of this.  I just downloaded it, and have been looking around.   Was wondering if an experienced user of OpenMPT could tell me what the main differences between MPT and OpenMPT are, the advantages/disadvantages to each, etc.   My search of the forums didn't yield anything on this topic....


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Basically, they are the same piece of software.

MPT is version 1.16 where OpenMPT is version 1.17.

Olivier stopped developing MPT in 2003, and decided to make it open source. Hence the name OpenMPT.

The development team have added and fixed lots of features/bugs since then.

So the main difference is that OpenMPT is MPT with better support for the latest VST plugins, and tons of new features like a channel manager, key preset manager that allows you to customise your keys to your needs, and lots of other things.

Most important feature that OpenMPT has which lacks in MPT is support. The reason is simple: If you have a bug in MPT, we cannot fix it, and will automatically ask you to check if this happens in the latest OpenMPT. Also we have an online manual we can edit designed for OpenMPT, but not MPT itself, as the two are slightly different.

EDIT: Oops, forgot one of the best improvements: Sound Quality has been improved by changing the interpolation algorithm.
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Welcome aboard, montes77. Maybe a thing of comfort : I never experienced any trouble with playing back or handling modules made with the old MPT using OMPT. Even songs made with FTII.. (plugins excluded of course).
Sound quality has improved indeed, as did the options to control the realtime playback of the patterns in a song.
I still have MPT on my system, to be sure, but so far, I didn't need it anymore.


thanks for the quick responses.   Two things that I have noticed.  One song I have has It tempo change command which is interpreted differently in openMPT.  the midi record latency seems a lot smaller on OpenMPT than on the original, something i've noticed with my slow machine.  other than that, smooth sailing besides resetting some keyboard shortcuts....