Channel-modes of playback

Started by Sam_Zen, September 10, 2006, 23:47:34

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If a channel is 'on', a R-click now gives 3 options :
Mute - Solo - Mute on Transition.
It would be a logic addition to also have 'Solo on Transition' as a choice.

If a channel is 'off', a R-click gives 4 options :
Mute - Solo - Unmute All - Unmute on Transition
Here a nice addition would be 'Unmute All on Transition' (because maybe more channels are also 'off' at the moment).


I agree. These are good features especially to get only 2 channels. First solo then unmute one...

I don't think this will cause alot of hastle to make.
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yeah, unmute all on transition would be especially appreciated by me, have to go really bloody fast to bring in more than a handful of channels at once.