Author Topic: [electro/drum 'n' bass] 'home' (mp3)  (Read 10997 times)

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[electro/drum 'n' bass] 'home' (mp3)
« Reply #15 on: September 03, 2006, 23:53:39 »
1) Judge nr 1 is yourself.. If the piece is ready to play, just switch off the knowledge that you are the maker of it,
but imagine you are just a listener, tied to your chair, forced to hear some song.
2) Don't seek for 'The Final Mix', because it just doesn't exist. It's just a choice, it could be done in thousands of
other ways. And every reproduction has external circumstances, which are not under control of the maker.
3) Consider the use of something like mpt's "surround" filter, as a local preference for playing it back for yourself.
In the end, the bare content of the patterns, and the pattern-order, is the 'real' body of the composition.
The 'after-module' effects could be considered as a certain production, a version, of the song.
4) One basic rule when mixing digital tracks : Avoid all tracks normalized to 100 % volume, because digital mixing means adding up values in fact. Distortion waits eagerly around the corner.