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Started by Waxhead, September 22, 2006, 17:57:00

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Sometimes you want to add more volume to a channel. If all your other channels are in tuned it can be lot of work to reduce the volume on all other channels instead of the current channel. Often this can be solved by adding a "mirror" channel of your original instrument.

Suggestion for solving this problem

Allow the user to select a channelvolume outside the 0-64 scope. e.g. volume 65 reduces all other channels by 1. This ofcourse requires ModPlug to keep track of the original volume in case the user wants to reduce the volume again later.

An alternative would be a 2x option who "mirrors" your channel (internaly). Then you will instantly have double volume and you only need to adjust the volume (down hopefully) of your channel who is 2x boosted.


Or you could start by setting the volume of all channels to 32?


Quote from: "speed-goddamn-focus"Or you could start by setting the volume of all channels to 32?

ofcourse, but it still doesn't prevent the "problem" if you are running into it :)


I find this a very good feature actually, but I think the solution should be different.

I think we should allow a button in the general tab on each channel or perhaps just one button/command from the menu that allows you to half all channel volumes, so you can then change the volume on your channel. Even better would be a 2nd option to normalise all channel volumes, so that it calculates which channel volume is closest to 64, and then increases all channels by that amount. Say: your highest channel is 48, then you need to add 16 to each channel to make it sound good again. Or if its better (couldn't really find out) to increase respectivelly (eg, how much % is it: 25%, then increase all by 25%.
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Well to half the channel volume is a solution but this still requires ModPlug to remmeber the original channel volume in case you want to revert. I still think the more adjustable way of doing it (without spit in half, 3/4 ,4/5 or whatever) would be better. However the normalize all channels function sounds very nice. This would ensure that all channels are played at max volume possible using the highest channelvolume for reference before all sounddata are sendt to the global volume control.

Regardless such a feature should be on a "non-trackable" level. E.g. it should not be possible to set channel volume >64 with a command as the song plays.


As right as you are, there is really no problem doubeling your channel and reducing the instrument`s volume. Also, as someone else here mentioned, you could just start with low volume levels which shouldnt be hard at all.

One more thing. If things become that bad, you can apply an EQ or any other plugin with gain control.
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Ofcourse you can always apply plugins and other "tricks". The main point here is that this isn't a "problem" that can't be fixed and is not a problem with the software. IMHO I just think ModPlug would be easier and more fun to use if it had such a feature ;)