How can I controll the parameter of my plugins in the OMPT?

Started by Kosztya, August 03, 2006, 18:43:36

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My problem is:
I want to use the "Slayer2" plugin in the OMPT (Open ModPlugTracker). I write hard music, and it is a very good guitar plugin, which would be very important for me!
I can load this plugin into the OMPT and I can edit with it (and I hear its sounds) but there are a big problem:
The special effects don't work in the channels (p00-p64 panning, v00-v64 sound, and so on...)
I have red here, that these plugins work other way in this respect (like samples) BUT HOW???
Perhaps the perfect work of the parameters of the plugins is connected with "Zxx Macros" but I understand its system absolute not!!!

Somebody help me, how can I conntroll the parameters of my plugin, please!!!

I wanted to download such "it" files, in which plugins were used, but I hadn't found it for this time. (I wanted to watch how plugins were controlled).

Please use popular words in your answer, other way I won't understand it.
Thank you


I see nobody knows to help me.
Then another question:
Are there such songs in this page, which use plugins???
If I downloaded a song (which use plugins) I would learn how the pugins controlled.

Thank you!


Calm down, man! The answer to your question is quite simple. First, I assume you have OMPT open. If not do it now!.  Now go to your patterns page, and click the button that says "Zxx"

Now you will see a window with buttons labeled SF0-SFF
Click on SF1-Unused

Now go down to "modify macro:"
Select Type: Control Plugin Param
Now one line down, select the plugin you want and the parameter to change

Now when  you want to use the change, put this in the effects column of the channel using slayer2:
-- -- -- SF1
-- -- -- Zxx   Now, put in any number from 00 to 7F.  This will change the parameter.

Hope that helps

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A link in a post in another topic may help also; note that the example in it is answer to a different, but quite similar, question.

Any change on getting the macro tutorial to the wiki :)


Quote from: "Relabsoluness"Any chance on getting the macro tutorial to the wiki :)
it's a bit cheesy and was made in a hurry, but yeah why not?

anyway, if anyone is interested in making a better tutorial, the software I used is called Wink and is free for business and personal use. It makes it SUPER EASY to create a tutorial like that, and besides SWF you can also output PDF and EXE. perhaps when I get the time I'll do some more tutorials like that, but if anyone else feels like doing it, just go ahead. please do.


I have arrived home, and I have seen your answer!
Today I will look it!

Thank you very much for everybody's helping!!!!!!!!


I'm here.
I understand the instructions, but there is another question in the "soundfont troubles" topic...