Where is Multichannel-Record?

Started by Tiles, August 03, 2006, 08:47:26

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To make it short: I am in search how to enable Multichannel-Record in 1.17RC2. Where can i enable it? I simply don't find it. I hope you forgive me to ask such a noob question ^^


You can right-click on the "Channel X" things above the patterns in the pattern window, and click on "Record select" and do that on other channels as well.

You could also use the Channel Manager, which can be accessed by either using the Channel Manager button, the menu View > Channel Manager or by pressing the shortcut CTRL+ALT+M.
Then you go to the Record Select tab and select the channels you want to record on.

I hope that answers your question.


Ah, thank you very much. That's the solution. I was just a bit confused about the message in the chord editor, and was looking for a single button to enable it :)

Another problem here: it just plays one tone when holding down several keys. Even with the newest developer build that i have tested therefore(1.17Beta/RC2generic). Makes it a bit hard to hear if the correct tones are played. Is there any solution in sight?


So you only hear one sample at a time, so, no chord? That's odd, I don't have that problem. I know I used to have that problem though.

Are you sure you have the newest version? I've noticed that with an older version, this problem exists... Try this build: http://forum.openmpt.org/index.php?topic=667.0


Alright, tested. The three versions i have now are:

mptrack_Generic.exe / Open Modplug Tracker version (1.17RC2)

mptrack_P4-Athlon64-2.exe / Open Modplug Tracker version (1.17RC2)

mptrack_P4-Athlon64- /

The first two are the stable versions. The third is the newest AMD64 beta version. And even here it just plays one tone when pressing more than one key at my midi keyboard and also at the normal computer keyboard. Hmm.

Maybe it's because of my computer. I don't have an external sound card. I use the one from my mainboard. Good ol AC97 . Funny enough i can remember that i got it once to work with the stoneold MPT version that existed before it went open source. I just don't find this version anymore. My hundrets of backup CD's ... ^^

My System: AMD 64 3200+, 1 Gig Ram, Win XP Home german, SP2, up to date, and, as told, the onboard sound chip from my motherboard, Realtek AC97

Anyway, thank you for your help :)


I just tested in build .43 and it works here too.

What I basically do is set 4 channels on record select (shift click that channel will do), enable follow song, press play and start jamming.

Note: if you also enable record note-off, it can be that it prints the note followed by a === which will instantly mute it (depending on your envelope)

Note2: if i don't enable follow song, it will put 3 notes under eachother in different channels.
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There was a bug in whereby you could not preview multiple notes simultaneously in the pattern editor, but this should be fixed in more recent builds.