[industrial-ambient-neo-classical] infernal

Started by hellscion, July 14, 2006, 12:28:24

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Cool it is.
Perfection is an illusion anyway on forehand. At least not totally in own control. So I don't have anything with 'perfectionist standards to everything'.
You can leave the negative impression by considering this review-system as a symmetric range, with a max pos. and a max neg. and a zero as neutral default. I like to put my comments in that perpective.

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Let me tell you that I personally doesn't have anything with this string because I was not brainwashed in my youth with religion. So it's outside of my brainbox. But I maybe understand the concept and the meaning of it.
So if you call this kind of extreme power in a name, you're bound to deliver the same kind of power in a song.


ah someone who speaks rather than just talking. interesting
Sometimes in order to see the light you have to risk the dark.


That was one quite interesting discussion. Now, time to listen to the track.


I'll comment as I listen.

"Infernal": Quite like the sounds of the intro. Seems to build up in tension now as it's passed one minute. It's getting more intense, nice development. I don't know if the 'bad sound' replies were mounted on this one? I thought it was, so I was a little surprised by the nice sound in this one. I'm afraid  I got no complaints about this one.

Now "Sigma pt3": A little similar, just faster intro. Very refreshing. This is not the kind of music I have been making, so it's very interesting. I'm afraid I've still got no complaints about the sound. I really liked both tracks.

HOWEVER; based on the previous posts, it seems like you should open up a bit more and realize that not everyone has the same approach. I know this myself, as I've been playing guitar for a while, and reading music thoery, but since I started doing "hour compos" I've ended up last several times and got quite some amounts of critisizm for my composition; ESPECIALLY sound-wise. What I know about playing technique/music theory, I lack of sound/editiing knowledge. Just a reminder. In case I happen to dislike something in your next track =)


I didn't thought of any sound-quality as an element in this case, obviously it was good enough.
So the content can be ok in its field, but the choice of title can be too pretentious, seeing the content.
Introducing a new beer with the slogan 'this will change the world'.

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OT : As an active moderator and webmaster of other places, I ask :
Why adding this standard logo-bitmap in your post ? It serves nothing, it just takes space. It isn't even a link.
The avatar of your profile is the place for this kind of data.


apple: nah i'm open-minded to whatever anyone has to say...people just take things in the proper context. i've heard everything they're saying and i know some of these people a little better than they might realize  :twisted: bwahahaha. anyways, who was really open-minded to what i was trying to say...

samzen: maybe i will.
Sometimes in order to see the light you have to risk the dark.